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Q: Do I need painted armies to play?

A: Not at all. Many of our games are organised by members who have collected and painted all the necessary figures. Just turn up and join in!

Q: What rules do you use? Do you play my favourite rules?

A: Weíre a pretty open-minded bunch so we donít have preferred sets of rules and we like to keep trying new ones.

Q: I donít have much experience of wargames, is that OK?

A: Donít worry, weíre all used to explaining rules to one another. Some of us have been playing for decades and we still get beaten by novices.

Q: Do you play boardgames or card games?

A: The members are willing to try anything so if you want to bring it along we are willing to try it.

Q: What periods does the club play?

A: The club plays all periods from ancients to SciFi

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