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Cornwall Miniature Wargames Association (CMWA) exists to provide miniature wargamers in Cornwall with an environment where they can get together to play games and share their enthusiasm for the hobby. We meet every other Sunday at the village hall in Quintrell Downs, near Newquay (click here for a map), though our members come from right across the county.

We have a very broadminded approach to wargames and most members are happy to play all kinds of historical, fantasy or sci-fi games. These are just some of the rules we have used recently: Dux Bellorum, Judge Dredd, Saga, Fire and Fury, Crusader, Memoir '44, DBMM, Hordes of the Things, Warhammer Historical, Rules of Engagement, Spearhead, NUTS, Blitzkrieg Commander, Lord of the Rings, Legends of the Old West, Rapid Fire and many more.

Despite our name we also play boardgames and card games.

If you think you might be interested in joining, why not drop in or get in touch? There’s no obligation to join and we’ll make sure you get to play a game or two.

We are located at;

Village Hall, North Road, Qunitrell Downs, Newquay.

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