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25th January 2016
Great to see so many members attending the club. Almost all the tables have been in use during January. Some stunning games as well.

4th January 2016

Happy New year to all. Sunday the 10th January see's the kick off of the clubs 2016 gaming season. Have a great year.

13th September 2015
posted link to GCN website. They do discounts for various manufacturers. Contact club treasurer if interested as we believe the club will have to purchase.

6th September 2015
Good turnout again this meeting with 8 members in attendance. One large 15mm WW2 game - the end of a 3 game campaign with the allies winning. A Ww1 aircraft game followed by Star Wars Armada.

9th August 2015

Well,,,, nice to see so many members (10) and 5 yes 5 games!!!
2nd battle in the 15mm WW2 campaign with the Germans holting the Allies, 10mm WW2 with the Russians coming up against some mighty large German heavy metal, Frostgrave game and a 1/1200 naval Napoleonic game...
See the gallery for pictures.

26th July 2015
Thanks to Giles for the 28mm WW2 game, Derek for the 1/1200 Napoleonic naval game and Simon for the 15mm WW2 game. A great days gaming enjoyed by all...

12th July 2015
Well, only 5 members in attendance again! If you want the club to continue you will have to support it. We can't keep making a loss each meeting.

Thanks to Derek for the WW1 airwars game and Giles for the Stalingrad card game.

No one has responed about the yahoo and blog links so I will take this as no one uses them and have removed the links from this site.

1st July 2015
Only 5 members in attendance this meeting. Derek put on a very large 15mm world war two game, Russians v Germans.
Thanks Derek.

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